Impairment Ratings

Genex is here to help provide precise, unbiased impairment ratings

Assisting You with Your Impairment Rating Needs

A medical impairment rating is a percentage rating between 0 and 100 that quantifies the level of impairment of an injury or impacted body parts so the worker, employer and insurer can all understand how much the worker has been injured and how much the impairment will affect work.

At Genex, we understand the importance of precise, unbiased impairment ratings. Our expert team provides thorough and comprehensive impairment rating assessments based on the industry's leading guidelines.

Our network of medical professionals is well-versed in applying the industry guidelines and prioritize transparency and meticulous documentation in each case. We ensure a detailed account of the patient's condition, the applied methodology, and the resulting impairment rating.

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