Independent Medical Examinations

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Genex’s nationwide Independent Medical Exams (IME) for workers' compensation, auto and disability payers eliminates provider risk, enhances physician exam and report quality and reduces administrative burden. Genex is the only independent medical examination company that uniquely integrates hard data, clinical expertise, and rigorous QA standards to deliver an easy-to-use, trustworthy independent medical examination process so you can receive an accurate, defensible decision, every time.

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Eliminate Provider Risk

Unlike other independent medical examination companies, we offer clinical expertise and capabilities to arm providers with evidence-based guidelines to aid in their decision. Your IMEs will be handled by only the highest-performing physicians who deliver the best outcomes. And, medical directors are highly engaged in provider relations and network management.

Our clinical expertise is integrated into our IME program and network management to provide a higher level of care, utilizing both local knowledge and health care expertise throughout the IME process. We also have case management services available to assist in managing complex IMEs.

Enhanced Physician Exams & IME Report Quality

Access only the highest-quality providers. We analytically vet and continually measure the quality of IME providers. We arm our top providers with as much information as possible, to ensure you receive an independent, accurate and defensible decision.

Reduce Administrative Burden

We will work with you to provide independent medical examination services that fit your needs, with easy local access and national support to deliver quick turnaround times.

Are You Getting the Greatest Value From Your Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs)?

Designed to boost your IME knowledge from basic to advanced concepts, this informative eBook will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of what is needed to receive a quality, defensible report so you can make better claim decisions and take data-driven action to control claim costs.

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Easy to Use

You don’t need the hassle of confusing, slow or inefficient independent medical exams. With Genex, you have access to more than 20,000 highly credentialed providers nationwide via a clinic or network service delivery model to best fit your IME needs. We will work with you to create workflows centered around your needs and business processes. We have large medical file electronic transfer capabilities and can provide auto-populated referral form process.

Medical File Review

We will provide a thorough retrospective and current review of a practitioner’s medical treatment plan to determine the medical necessity and appropriateness of the treatment rendered. Our consulting physicians are readily available for depositions and testimony and will provide comprehensive reports that include recommendations regarding both past and future medical treatment. If a provider questions issues of medical necessity and high-dollar reductions, our local networks of physician consultants are able to appropriately re-evaluate bill review determinations. The development of local, professional medical claims support means additional savings for you.


Reimagine Your IME Process

Independent medical examinations (IMEs) play a critical role in the claims management process but are often overlooked as an early intervention strategy. To bring clarity to the claim and ensure timely and cost-efficient resolution you need an IME partner with extensive geographic reach, a breadth of medical experts and quality processes. Let us help you reimagine IMEs.

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To help lower your total cost of risk and return injured workers to work as quickly as possible, we offer a FREE consultation with a workers’ comp expert. Together, we will begin to build a workers' comp program to meet your company’s unique needs.

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