Catastrophic Injury Management

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Catastrophic injuries present immediate and long-term cost risks for a business. Without proper management, recovery can be prolonged and costs can increase exponentially. We provide a specialized catastrophic injury management program that mitigates these risks with nationwide expert CAT nurse case managers who have local knowledge, relationships and access to regional trauma centers and centers of excellence. We customize our cost-effective program to fit your business’s needs.

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With Genex, you have nationwide access to highly-trained and experienced catastrophic case managers who utilize best practices and industry and proprietary guidelines to drive the best solutions for catastrophic cases. Our CAT case managers utilize critical pathways for recovery to ensure efficient and appropriate case. In addition, we have dedicated catastrophic injury management oversight to ensure the highest-quality service for your severely injured worker.

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You need national access that is available at any time, any day to support workers where and when the injury happens. You can reach live us 24/7 and have same-day dispatch of a catastrophic case manager to a trauma center

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Our expertise in catastrophic case management comes from many years of managing high-risk claims. Our CAT case managers have undergone extensive proprietary catastrophic injury management training and have extensive experience managing catastrophic. All case managers have national certification or eligibility in case management or rehabilitation (CCM, CRRN) and have established relationships with leading centers of excellence and regional trauma centers.

case study

Phoenix Rising: Changing Course After Tragedy

As a flight paramedic in Phoenix, AZ, Derek Boehm’s job was to rescue those whose lives were on the line in emergency situations. That role reversed one afternoon when he and his crewmates crashed into a mountain leaving him stranded on a snowy cliff with serious injuries and no way to call for help. Find out how he survived the ordeal and meet the case manager who guided him to recovery.

See the difference Genex can make to your claims program. View our comprehensive guide on how to use case management to improve claims outcomes

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