FMLA Exams

Second & Third Opinions to Help Reduce Frequency & Duration of Employee Leaves of Absence

Employers who have reason to doubt the validity of an employee’s medical certification can request FMLA exams as part of the second and third opinion process before approving leave for a new leave year.

Second Opinion Process

The employer may benefit from a second opinion exam to determine if the medical condition meets the definition of a serious health condition when the amount of the certified FMLA leave seems excessive, and if the amount of FMLA leaves used by the employee historically exceeds the current certification.

Third Opinion Process

The employer may require a third opinion, at the employer’s expense, if the first and second opinions differ. Strategic use of the opinion process can help reduced the frequency and duration of employee leaves. Request and FMLA Exam (button)

Request an FMLA Exam

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