From the Heart

Meet the Heart of Case Management

You want the best, most experienced case manager working your claims. But case management isn’t one-size-fits-all — it’s a big-picture approach involving experienced professionals with strong clinical backgrounds, who utilize tools such as evidence-based guidelines, but also employ empathy and compassion to help injured employees achieve maximum medical improvement or return-to-work.

From the Heart highlights stories where the case manager not only resolved the claim, but actively worked to improve the life of the injured worker. The stories featured here are our Heart of Case Management Award winners and nominees, which is Genex’s highest award for case management excellence. These cases are truly inspirational and demonstrate how our case managers change lives every day by helping injured workers return to their jobs safely and efficiently.

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From the Heart Catastrophic Case Management

A Higher Calling

Meet Stephanie, CCM, RN Catastrophic case managers must be equipped to handle the most complex injuries no matter the situation.

From the Heart Catastrophic Case Management

Experience Matters in Restoring Lives

Kayla Payne, RN, BSN, CCM Prior to becoming a case manager, Kayla Payne had worked as an emergency department (ED) nurse in one of the busiest EDs in her state.

From the Heart Disability Case Management

Breaking Down Barriers

Mariana Diaz, BA, CPDM Mariana Diaz, BA, CPDM, is a bilingual Integrated Disability Case Manager (IDCM) assigned to a major manufacturer of building and remodeling supplies.

From the Heart Telephonic Case Management

Getting it Right Makes All the Difference

Diana Zellerman, RN, BSN, CCM As a telephonic case manager for Genex the past five years, Dianna Zellerman has mastered the ability to overcome one of the biggest challenges a non-field c

From the Heart Field Case Management

Off the Streets and Safe from COVID

Rebecca Almskog, RN, BSN, CCM Rebecca Almskog is a field case manager with 25 years of nursing experience in the Denver-area.

From the Heart Field Case Management

A Better Plan

Meet Stacey Meyer-Gaede, RN, CCM An experienced workers’ comp case manager who has developed strong relationships with the best providers is a valuable asset for any injured employee.

From the Heart Telephonic Case Management

Healing Body and Soul

Meet Dana Schwartz, RN, CCM One of the unique advantages a case manager brings to a workers’ comp case is a holistic approach to treatment.