Alternative Transitional Duty

Facilitate Timely Recovery and Return to Work

Offers injured employees the opportunity to be placed with a nonprofit organization when the current employer is unable to accommodate temporary work restrictions.

Support employers who are unable to provide temporary accommodations

Provide temporary transitional duty positions for injured employees in a non-profit setting

  • Encourage RTW at regular job reducing disability durations
  • Remove burden of creating transitional duty from the employer
  • On the job work conditioning
  • Promote positive community relationships
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The Alternative Transitional Duty Advantage

Studies show that employees who are out of work for more than six months have less than a 50% chance of ever returning to work in any capacity

Changes the employee’s focus from disability to ability

Reduces deconditioning and assists injured employees in maintaining strength and endurance

Employee remains productive and employed earning a wage and benefits from employer

Relieves employer burden of training and supervising employee on transitional duty

Reduces disability durations

Expedites recovery and return to full duty

Gives back to the community

Creates positive community relationships

1.5M Potential Nonprofit Host Employers

Alternative Transitional Duty Facilitates Timely Recovery and Return to Work

Through our national network of nonprofit and charitable organization host employers, Genex’s Alternative Transitional Duty program supports injured employees when an employer is unable to accommodate temporary work restrictions.

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The Genex Alternative Transitional Duty program encourages RTW options much earlier in the claims process, benefiting all stakeholders.