Social Security Disability

These training resources are provided to help increase the knowledge of the Social Security process and technical elements. 

Electronically Sign – Learn how to log into the Genex web portal and electronically sign your authorization forms. Watch now.


Encrypted Email – Learn how to create an account so that you may view your encrypted emails from Genex. Watch now.


Social Security Disability Process – Learn about applications and appeals and how Genex assists during each phase of the process. Download now.

SSDI Definition of Disability – This training focuses on Social Security’s Five Step Sequential Evaluation process. You will learn what elements Social Security considers in the determination process and what to look for when screening claims for eligibility. Download now.

Dependent and Widows Benefits – Find out who else may be eligible  to receive Social Security and how those benefits are calculated once the insured worker is deemed disabled. This training also covers widows benefits and different modes of entitlement. Download now.

Terminal Illness and Compassionate Allowance Claims – Learn how Social Security identifies and processes claims involving terminal illnesses and compassionate allowance conditions. Download now.

Continuing Disability Review (CDR) and SSA Return to Work Programs – Understand Social Security’s CDR process and explore the many different return to work programs and incentives.  Download now.

Benefits of SSDI and Vendor Services - Learn why it is beneficial for claimants to apply for Social Security Disability benefits and how vendor services can assist them.  Download now.

Earnings Increase – Learn more about how and when Social Security adjusts a claimant’s Primary Insurance Amount and how it may increase an offset. Download now.

Workers Compensation and Public Disability Benefits – This training discusses how Social Security benefits are offset when WC or PD benefits are also received. Download now.

Medicare – Learn about the different parts of Medicare and who can become entitled. Download now.

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Need a SSDI Evaluation?

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