Whether mandated or not, utilization management is a key medical cost-containment tool that ensures delivery of approved, appropriate treatment. Administrative burdens and decision-making hurdles can cause your workflow to come to a standstill.

Genex’s Utilization Management Services help accelerate and improve decision-making and delivery of appropriate care for injured workers. Only Genex can extend your overall medical strategy to every desk through our highly-specialized, automated technology and configurable processes. Now you can ensure appropriate, consistent decisions on every claim while eliminating administrative burden and streamlining workflows.

Genex’s Utilization Management Services integrated with case management, bill review, and pharmacy benefit management gives you greater control over care for injured workers and resulting medical spend across the continuum of care.

Find out how you can reduce costly human errors in the UR decision-making process.

For more information, download our utilization management brochure.

  • Genex delivers a UR decision in 1.7 days, significantly faster than state requirements
  • A large employer of 100k+ had 98% of decisions upheld using Genex UM versus the 91% industry average
  • Evidence-based guidelines applied to claims in a non-mandated state has yielded a 16 to 1 ROI
  • Genex’s specialized, automated software can make medical decisions up to 40x faster than traditional processes