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Meet Wendy Daney, BSN, RN, CCM

Wendy Daney, BSN, RN, CCM, is a dedicated nurse case manager with more than 20 years’ experience in nursing. She utilized those skills when faced with a case involving an injured worker who worked for a city transportation department.

The case

Daney took over a catastrophic injury case involving a bus driver who had sustained abdominal injury with complications including kidney failure, metabolic encephalopathy and cognitive deficits. The case had been transferred to Genex after it was handled unsuccessfully by another case management company.

Case management impact

Once on the case, Daney reviewed file notes, interviewed the injured employee, family members and treating providers. She quickly identified immediate gaps in care which led to proper diagnosis and treatment and coordinated care across several disciplines. This included discovering the man’s need for ostomy supplies and care, which she coordinated its purchase and management. Daney also educated the injured employee and his family and ensured all players understood the goal was to return him to his prior position. After observing the man’s non-compliance with his protocol due to frequent asthmatic flares (non-work related), Daney scheduled a visit with a pulmonologist which resulted in better treatment and fewer episodes. Her constant communication with the worker allowed Daney to intervene to prevent unnecessary urgent care visits by contacting the treating physician for assistance.


Working with the employer and the insurer in developing and managing a return-to-work plan, the injured worker was able to obtain his commercial driver’s license and, nine months earlier than expected, the injured driver was back behind the wheel of a city bus, resulting in a cost savings of more than $27,000.


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