April 13, 2021 Workers' Comp

Webinar: The Whole Person Approach

<h2>Identifying social determinants of health to assist in recovery and return to work</h2>

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Identifying social determinants of health to assist in recovery and return to work

Download a copy of the slides and watch the on-demand webinar below.


Presenter: Tammy Bradly, vice president of clinical product development, Mitchell | Genex | Coventry 


Case managers have long known the importance of getting to know an injured employee and their family on a more intimate level. They understand that observing the “whole person,” helps to identify factors such as economic stability, home life, and access to healthy food. And they are keenly aware that these aspects of a person’s life, also known as social determinants of health, have a significant influence on recovery and return to work. During this session, we’ll focus on defining social determinants of health, the conditions in which an individual lives, works, learns and plays, and discuss how to align a care management approach to address these non-medical barriers.

Tammy Bradly

Sr. Director, Clinical Product Marketing

Tammy is is responsible for the company’s clinical product strategy. She is a certified case manager with more than 25 years of comprehensive industry experience through service delivery, operations management and product development. She holds several national certifications, including certified case manager (CCM), certified rehabilitation counselor (CRC) and certified program disability manager (CPDM). Tammy has authored numerous industry articles/whitepapers and spoken at both regional and national conferences on topics such as the aging workforce, pain management, return-to-work, case management, telemedicine and crisis intervention.


Lillian, AL  

Areas of expertise

Claims management
Clinical services
Mental health


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