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Courage to Carry on During COVID

Posted by Tom Kerr on April 29, 2020

In this week’s edition of Genex Works: Moving Claims Forward, we see how a field case manager’s calming presence helps an injured employee continue his recovery progression despite his fears.

An injured employee was scheduled for arthroplasty of the right knee due to extensive osteochondral lesions that developed following a previous knee surgery that caused catching, clicking, and locking of the joint. Unfortunately, the planned procedure was arranged for April, prior to COVID-19 restrictions being put into place. This was a procedure the man needed to expedite his recovery, but as his surgery date neared, he grew anxious about having it performed during the pandemic.

Margaret, a Genex field case manager, went to the surgery center to help alleviate the injured employee’s concerns about the surgery and susceptibility to the virus, ensuring him all precautions were being met to keep him safe. While adhering to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, Margaret was able to be there for the injured employee, inform the surgeon and his staff about the man’s concerns and provide therapeutic communication to help build the injured employee’s courage to continue on.

This personal interaction played a large role in helping the man progress in recovery and prompted his wife to convey her thanks in this letter to Margaret:

“Just wanted to express our gratitude for your strong courage and commitment to your patients’ medical needs at this critical and dangerous time. This deadly killer is not silent or selective to who it infects. Anyone in the medical field that is still working every day to save lives are the real heroes in this crisis.

“I want you to know that we had already recognized how exceptional and caring you were before this virus surfaced. Right now, the world is seeing the medical professionals in a different light, and how much respect and appreciation we should all have for you and the services you provide for us.

“My husband and I care about you very much and we pray for your protection every day.”



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