Genex of Canada

Canadian employers providing salary continuance or EI Wage Top-up Program for Short-Term Disability (STD) are looking for alternative resources to improve productivity and reduce lost time. Managing an STD program is a balancing act for human resources. Maintaining medical privacy, coordinating successful return to work, and containing costs is challenging and time consuming.

Genex's Telephonic Early Intervention Program provides a successful alternative to the traditional insurance model. At Genex, we promptly medically validate absences, facilitate required treatment, and expedite an early and safe return to work. Genex’s reliable communication and outcome reporting allows human resources to maintain control of their STD claims.

Employers who use Genex report increased productivity and a significant reduction in lost time costs.

Genex Nurse Case Managers are credentialed rehabilitation professionals who accurately identify whether or not the absence is medically supported or non-supported. We are experts in managing mental health claims, chronic pain, and multiple diagnoses. Genex Nurse Case Managers are particularly skilled in separating medical from non-medical/work-related issues and in assisting employers to resolve these challenging cases. For valid illness/injuries, the Genex Nurse promptly provides:

    • Accurate expected duration rates
    • Appropriate medical intervention
    • Cost-effective treatment recommendations and monitoring
    • Coordination of early and safe return to work

The Genex Telephonic Early Intervention Program significantly reduces the impact of medical disability, lost time, productivity, and litigation costs for employers.

Need to reduce your total cost of risk?

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