Certified Managed Care Plans

Genex Care for Connecticut

Genex Services, LLC is certified as a workers’ compensation managed care plan in alignment with CT Administrative regulations §31-279-10. Genex currently offers managed care plans with either the CorVel or Coventry network option. Under the managed care plan, insurers and employers can direct care of the injured worker into the network for the duration of the claim.

The managed care plan includes access to a comprehensive network of providers specializing in workers’ compensation injuries, utilization review, case management, medical bill review, medical director oversight, and dispute resolution. Genex also completes and submits all state mandated reporting on behalf of its clients.

In Connecticut, employers are required to complete an Employer Participation Form if they desire to participate in the certified managed care program. This form must be submitted to the CT WCC for review and approval. Genex assists both its carrier and self-insured clients desiring to participate by filing all necessary documents on behalf of our clients. Genex works with the regulators through the approval process and supports managed care plan implementations by developing/customizing all Employer/Employee Notice documents as required by law and as dictated by the client. Clients are provided access to a web-based channeling tool to find participating providers.

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