Workers' Comp

Continuing Care During COVID-19

March 31, 2020

Tom Kerr

Director of Public Relations

“Genex Works: Moving claims forward during COVID-19,” is a regular series designed to provide you with updates on how Genex is working with companies like yours to continue claims progression during this unprecedented time. We hope this series helps you better address claims challenges due to COVID-19 and provides continual assurance that your injured employees are receiving the services they need during this crisis.

Today we share a story on how our case managers are using their deep expertise combined with local knowledge to ensure injured employees are safely receiving the services they need in light of COVID restrictions.

Moving Claims Forward: Continuing Care During COVID-19

When a local hospital initiated restrictions for hospital visitors due to COVID-19, Genex field case manager Tanya Young utilized her long-term relationships with facility administrators to gain access and meet with an injured employee. The claimant was recovering from ENT surgery, but needed to be seen by the surgeon and ophthalmologist prior to discharge. This posed a significant challenge for Ms. Young as most specialty offices had closed due to coronavirus restrictions. Determined to ensure her claimant received the care he needed, Ms. Young made several calls to local offices and found an ophthalmologist to see the claimant. She then insisted that the hesitant ENT surgeon, who had since initiated a self-restriction visitation protocol, see the injured employee upon discharge by reminding him he was legally bound to provide at least one post-op visit. Thanks to Ms. Young’s efforts, the injured employee was successfully discharged and follow-up appointments have been scheduled to ensure his return-to-work plan progresses.

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