Workers' Comp Attention to Comorbidities, Engaging the Injured Worker Can Drive Down Claim Costs

October 14, 2019

Sarasota, FL ( – The cost for a rotator cuff repair on a 50-year-old North Carolina male with a heavy-demand job would be approximately $38,000. If he were 60, the cost increases to $46,000. If the 50-year-old is obese, the expense jumps to more than $61,000. If he is of normal weight but has been on opioid therapy for at least 30 days, the pricetag tops out at $73,500 — almost twice the initial cost of the claim.

Comorbidities play a tremendous part in the costs — and outcomes — of workers' compensation claims. They can create enormous challenges for adjusters and others involved in claims. Stakeholders can reduce some of the complexities by understanding and planning for comorbid conditions, along with working closely with injured workers.

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