Genex Experts

As the most experienced managed care provider in the industry, Genex is home to some of the top leaders in their fields. This diverse group of professionals regularly share their knowledge through media interviews, conference sessions and journal authorship. These individuals have a deep understanding of workers’ compensation and disability management, and have a keen ability to help others learn from their unique expertise to solve pressing problems and meet business challenges.

Helen Froehlich
Senior Vice President, Utilization Management

Tim Howard
Senior Vice President, Field Case Management

Richard Leonardo
Senior Vice President, IME and Specialty Services

Ron Skrocki
Senior Vice President, Product Management and Development

Donna Bradshaw
Vice President, IME Services

Jim Harris
Vice President, Analytics & Reporting

Lisa Armstrong
Nurse Case Manager

Mariellen Blue
National Director of Case Management Services

Dan Maldonado
Clinical Director for Utilization Review and Physician Advisory Services

Mike Milidonis
Ergonomics and Employer Services Manager

Lisa Shaw O’Connor, DC
Associate Clinical Director

Deborah Robinson Stewart
National Manager of Medicare Services

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