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Genex Introduces Unity—a Platform Powering Innovative Managed Care

Mobile and smart-logic technology allows case managers to deliver services better and faster

Wayne, PA – April 17, 2019 – As workers’ compensation professionals are taxed with increasingly complex claims, Genex Services — a leader in medical cost containment and disability management services — has launched Unity®, a sophisticated managed care platform. Unity helps relieve the intensifying burden adjusters face on a daily basis and empowers case managers with the information they need anytime, anywhere.

The Unity software platform works behind the scenes to drive and streamline managed care operations. Its mobile application facilitates rapid delivery of case updates to appropriate parties. Unity enables payers and employers to refer and easily coordinate the services needed on each claim, accelerate delivery of those services, improve outcomes and enhance program performance. The system’s overarching architecture was designed to provide relevant data, care management insights, and event-driven workflow processing throughout the entire continuum of medical management services, including case management, independent medical examinations, ancillary services and disability management.

“In developing Unity, we set out to reimagine the managed care process and find ways to close gaps, create new connections, and reveal data that was previously inaccessible,” said Peter Madeja, Genex CEO. “From our experience, we knew there were inefficiencies because claims stakeholders weren’t connected in real time. Information delays and paperwork were adding unnecessary administrative burden. We saw the opportunity to make intelligent automation intrinsic to medical management, so we could speed up and improve the quality of care for injured employees. Big picture, we wanted to aggregate and analyze claim and medical data to identify additional savings and achieve performance improvements.”

Unity will operate as the intelligent hub for managed care operations. It integrates smart-logic technology with best practices and customer rules. In addition, its claims-specific options facilitate stronger treatment protocols and ultimately help drive better outcomes. At the same time, its mobile application gives all parties real-time access to claim information. This means clinicians can spend less time on administration and more hands-on time with injured employees, helping to improve care and reduce claims duration and spend. It also provides immediate delivery of case-critical information to adjusters, equipping them with the most recent clinical data available to make the best-informed case decisions possible.

“Unity enables real-time orchestration of services that are individualized to each claim,” added Helen Froehlich, vice president of field case management services. “When a referral is received in Unity, its proprietary algorithms select the case manager best suited for the claim. The optimal service providers are chosen based on both qualitative and quantitative information. For independent medical exams, Unity provides customers with instant scheduling access to our best-in-class network of providers and clinics.”

Unity was designed to recognize the importance of injured workers’ privacy and the security of medical information. Unity is accessible from desktop or mobile devices in a secure environment, including multi-factor authentication.

About Genex Services, LLC

Genex Services ( provides best-in-class clinical solutions that enable customers to transform their bottom lines while enhancing the lives of injured and disabled workers. Genex, a clinical management leader throughout North America, serves the top underwriters of workers’ compensation, automobile, disability insurance, third-party administrators and a significant number of Fortune 500 employers. In addition, Genex clinical services are enhanced by intelligent systems and 360-degree data analysis. Its clinical expertise consistently drives superior results related to medical, wage loss, and productivity costs associated with claims in the workers’ compensation, disability, automobile, and health care systems. Genex Services and Mitchell International merged recently to create the broadest continuum of technology and products servicing the auto, workers’ compensation, and disability markets.

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