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Posted by Genex on October 22, 2019

Keep current with new legislation and its potential effect on your organization. This regulatory update is for informational purposes only, and provides some key highlights on state initiatives that may impact the Medicare Set-Aside services Genex provides.

Last week CMS issued a revised version of the Self-Administration Toolkit for Workers’ Compensation MSA Arrangements. The Toolkit was created as a reference for Medicare Beneficiaries electing to self-administer their MSA funds. The revision comes after CMS recently made enhancements to the WCMSA portal to allow beneficiaries or their representatives to submit the annual attestation online by accessing the WCMSA portal via the MyMedicare.gov website.

The most notable revisions in Version 1.3 of the Self-Administration Toolkit include the following:

  • Section 8: Annual Attestation
    Revision to advise the Medicare beneficiary that they can submit the annual attestation online by accessing the WCMSA portal through the MyMedicare.gov website.

    Revision also includes information on how the representative or other identified account administrator can submit the beneficiary annual attestation online.

  • Section 10: Inheritance
    Revision includes more comprehensive guidance for payment of bills related to the WC claim if death occurs prior to WCMSA exhaustion.

  • Section 13: Where to Get Help
    Revision demonstrates that the address utilized for WCMSA Proposal/Final Settlement information can also be used by the beneficiary to request a MSA Re-Review.

  • Lump Sum Annual Attestation and Expenditure Letter
    Revision provides a mailing address to send all yearly account attestations and expenditure letters when the electronic submission method is not utilized.

To view Version 1.3 of the Self-Administration Toolkit in its entirety please click here: WCMSA Self-Administration - Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

For more information/questions about the revision to version 1.3 of the WCMSA Self- Administration Toolkit or to make a referral please contact Genex MSA: 1.888.GO.GENEX or msadirect@genexservices.com


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