Practical Guidance to Improve Your Bottom Line Through IMEs

Rising healthcare costs continue to put a pinch on employer budgets. According to Kaiser Family Foundation’s 2019 Employer Benefits Survey, employer-sponsored health coverage rose 5% in 2019 alone. Many employers utilize independent medical exams (IMEs) to challenge questionable claims, but complex case disputes can result in significant medical and indemnity costs despite efforts to fairly cover the employee’s medical care and facilitate return to work.

A well-facilitated IME process can have a big impact on your bottom line. Claims professionals can waste time trying to identify the right IME expert and still not end up with a quality, objective report. In this webinar, Donna Bradshaw, VP of IME Services at Genex Services, will break down the specific benefits you receive when you establish a quality IME process and give guidance to set you on the right path in utilizing this valuable assessment.

This webinar has passed. If you missed the live presentation, you can access the webinar recording and slides here. Please note that you can not receive CE credits for watching past webinars.

Slides | Q&A With Donna Bradshaw

Practical Guidance to Improve Your Bottom Line Through IMEs


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