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Long-Term Disability

Field Case Management

Genex maintains a program that specializes in providing clinical assessments, medical case management, and vocational expertise for carriers who require return-to-work assistance and disability management. Our staff is trained to handle the nuances of LTD, and our LTD training program is created and taught by Genex staff with extensive experience in the disability industry, including mental health issues.

Our national medical and vocational services are delivered onsite. Goal-directed plans are developed based on personal consultations with the injured employee, medical providers, and the employer. Customer surveys report that 99% of our clients would refer to Genex again.

We provide quality disability services, which specializes in providing state-of-the-art Transferable Skills Analysis (TSAs) and Labour Market Survey (LMS) reports that utilize multiple data bases to pinpoint the wage earning ability of claimants.

For disabled or injured employees who are unable to return to work with their original employer, Vocational Case Management Services are provided. We will work with the employee on a 1:1 basis to provide a thoroughly documented vocational and job search assistance program. Our goal is to help employees attain sufficient physical capabilities and work skills to compete successfully in their local labour markets.

We also offer onsite services that can provide you with clinical or vocational staff, expert consultants, and training for your staff.

For auto insurers, Genex Services of Canada has been servicing this industry since our inception. We maintain our knowledge of the Statutory Accident Benefit Schedule (SABS) and provide training to our employees to keep our service provision current.

Genex is able to provide service for claimants throughout Ontario. In the event that a claimant requires service outside of Ontario or Canada, Genex can coordinate this service as well.

We have experienced and qualified staff to provide service in any of the following areas:

  • Occupational Therapy In-Home Assessment
  • Worksite Analysis
  • Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE)
  • Future Care Cost Analysis and Complex Care Assessments
  • Ergonomic Assessment
  • Consultation Services and Education Programs
  • Kinesiology Exercise Program
  • Job Placement and Job Search Services
  • Vocational Transition / Job Re-entry Services
  • Labour Market Survey (LMS)
  • Physical Demands Analysis (PDA)
  • Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA)
  • Task Assignments
  • Network of Physicians for Independent Medical Exams

Job Placement & Job Seeking Assistance

Genex is able to provide job search skills training as part of the vocational process. The rehabilitation consultant works in providing job search coaching and assists the job seeker with obtaining suitable job placement.

The rehabilitation consultant educates the claimant on effective job search skills including assessing your skills, goal setting and networking, exploring the hidden job market, job search strategies, resume and cover letter writing and interviewing.

At the end of the sessions, the claimant is provided with a vocational package as a resource as well as a completed resume and sample cover letter. The claimant is also directed to appropriate community resources.

For job placements Genex is able to provide structured and monitored volunteer work placements to assist the claimant with increasing their tolerances and progressing in their return to work.

Exercise Activation Programs

Genex Services of Canada offers exercise programs tailored to suit each claimant's needs and abilities. Facility-based programs as well as in-home exercise sessions can be provided to maximize recovery and increase the claimant's functionality and independence. Our certified kinesiologists and registered occupational therapists have extensive knowledge of functional exercise recovery systems.

Return-To-Work Programs

Goal-directed plans are developed and implemented onsite to ensure disabled individuals an early and safe return to work. Genex works in close partnership with employers, workers’ compensation boards, and insurers to generate and manage effective customized return-to-work plans for both modified and full return to duties. Permanently disabled employees are provided with effective vocational rehabilitation programs to enable them to obtain other gainful employment.

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