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Occupational Injury Case Management

Is your firm paying thousands of dollars in workers’ compensation premiums each year?

Relying on the provincial Workers’ Compensation Boards to manage your claims for you can be unnecessary and expensive. More Canadian employers are becoming aware that they can utilize Genex to improve their company’s performance, manage risk, and contain costs.

For every dollar paid to injured workers on claims, workers’ compensation charges the employer at least two dollars. The same $2-$1 fee applies to medical assessments scheduled by Workers’ Compensation and to treatment. Reduce your reliance on provincial governments to manage your firm’s claims on your behalf. Genex works collaboratively with workers' compensation to ensure an early and safe return to work. Utilize Genex for cost containment, medical assessments, treatment coordination, and return-to-work.

Lost Time - The Ultimate Cost Driver

Lost time is best reduced with Genex’s First Report of Injury program; proactive claims management from day one. Our telephonic case management program provides immediate nurse triage to document the claim, coordinate assessments, recommend and monitor appropriate treatment, and provide solid return-to-work solutions. Questionable claims are promptly identified and discussed with the Boards. Modified duty programs are developed and enhanced. Claims are effectively resolved. Employers can move from a fine to a rebate position. Partner with Genex for a safer workplace and significant cost savings.

Genex offers:

  • Timely accident reporting
  • Active communication with health care practitioners
  • Immediate medical attention and treatment coordination
  • Consistent contact with the Workers’ Compensation Boards
  • Effective modified return-to-work programs
  • Significant return on investment

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To help lower your total cost of risk and return injured workers to work as quickly as possible, we offer a FREE consultation with a workers’ comp expert. Together, we will begin to build a workers' comp program to meet your company’s unique needs.

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