Workers' Comp

2021 Disability Heart of Case Management Award Winner


The Heart of Case Management Award is a national program recognizing case managers who are highly regarded for transcending beyond their traditional job duties to improve the lives of thousands of injured employees. Watch the video and read the cases below to learn how our disability case managers make a difference.

Nancy LeBlanc, RN, CCM, CPDM, WES
Albany, NY

Genex Services


A 49-year-old plant operator tripped and fell into asphalt resulting in substantial bilateral arm burns, including extensive burns to both hands, right forearm and his abdomen. The man was rushed to a nearby facility where it was determined he would need skin grafts. Genex’s Nancy LeBlanc was assigned to the case and began coordinating the injured employee’s care plan. To complicate matters, the man tested positive for COVID-19 during the height of the pandemic, which delayed the procedure. Instead, he received temporary grafts and was transferred home with self-care guidance to quarantine. This necessitated critical coordination and communication from LeBlanc to ensure the claimant was able to change his dressings twice a day to avoid infection and manage his pain-medication pump to prevent overdose. She also coordinated weekly physician visits through transportation services scheduled after provider business hours.

One month post-injury, the injured employee tested negative for COVID and was immediately scheduled for permanent skin graft surgery, which LeBlanc coordinated. He was discharged home five days later, with outpatient protocol that included physical therapy three times a week at a local burn center. LeBlanc maintained contact with the injured employee regularly to answer any questions and assure that all medical care was delivered in a timely manner. She also equipped the providers with the plant operator’s job description so they could align therapy goals with his activities of daily living. LeBlanc’s efforts to secure timely vendor-approved care, home health, transportation services, therapy and DME, made a significant difference in redirecting a case headed for permanent disability to a full-duty success story. The man returned to work with restrictions in less than 5 months, and back to full duty 81 days later.